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Good start, now follow through.

I enjoyed the pacing to the movie, no real lulls in the action so I would give you points for that.

The animation and sound effects were decent enough, but nothing spectacular. You could fine tune those two areas a bit more. I did however like the music choice.

I would suggest that you keep the general pacing to the action, and maybe add some Link vocal sounds (i.e. urgh, Ah!) when he's being physically tested. And also if you're going to stick to how the game played out, have Link use the hammer once or twice.

I also noticed that you went with Link in his green tunic, which is perfectly fine considering that's his traditional color and how people recognize him, but if I remember correctly the red tunic was required to get into that dungeon. Then again it's been forever since I played Ocarina and I can't remember whether you needed the red tunic on once you were in the dungeon.

Anywho, keep on keepin' on and good luck.

Unless it's a proper name...

Unless it's a proper name (and it very well could be as it was capitalized) you misspelled Vengeance. Sorry, I'm sure I'm not the only one to point that out, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

As for the movie itself, I felt it was up to par but nothing spectacular. There is a subtle increase in detail in this movie in comparison to your previous entries, as there should be. Still, I think Madness has lost a bit of its edge, and this entry didn't excite me as much as your originals.

Frickin' Hilarious

These KFK Adventures are pretty sweet, and a nice divergence from the usual characters from CU. I just wish I saw more of Dark Ninja.

This episode in particular was quite good. Makes me remember when I had my Voltron.

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I don't often give 10s

This earns it.

Great user interface and ease of use allows for this simple but great idea to shine.

Bonus points to the fact that I went to the genre I wanted, hit shuffle and the song I was thinking of came up first in the playlist. It's PSYCHIC!

Good concept, still needs tweaking

First off, there are way too many commands assigned to your left click. If every control in your comments section has the option of using your click/double click to activate, that's too many. Yes there are other keys that operate functions, but the fact that the left click can operate everything is a problem because one could easily be meaning to do one action while using the left click and inadvertently key an undesired one. 99% of people have keyboards, I would suggest removing at least some action commands from the left click and assigning them to keys.

Another issue is the difficulty, which is tied into your energy concept. I like it, but it also needs some tweaking. Easy plays like medium, and medium like hard. Either reduce the energy drain of movement/boost/shooting, or give better rewards. Since shooting a laser should be more taxing on energy, movement/melee tactics should be emphasized. I'll also accept movement costing energy, but after you break atmosphere and gravity in level 1 it should be reduced, and realistically cost no energy if you aren't moving at all in space.

Bugs still need to be addressed. I specifically encountered one near the end of level 1 where it nearly was over, the missile wasn't off screen but near top, I ran out of energy but I didn't end the level in failure.

Needs work. Since you say in comments that this is version 1.2 I can only assume you do check the game and improve it. Hope this helps you and other players.

asagoPAN responds:

Thank you for the review. You've made some good and helpful points. I am watching for more comments on the difficulty. Some people have said easy was too easy. So I may need to go back and do some tweaking on that.
As for the mouse controls, the game was originally designed to work on mobile devices but is still pending an official mobile release. For mobile to work for sure on every device, the game must be playable with only single-touch mouse controls. I took a lot of inspiration from some DS games like The World Ends With You. The way they can make so many intuitive controls with just the stylus really impresses me. I like how it turned out personally, but I guess I have some ways to go.
I'm sure you found my rambling very interesting.
Thanks again for the review.

It definitely entertained me...

At least for a while. After that while of time elapsed I found certain levels tricky enough to try my patience a bit (specifically the dark/ghost levels). Perhaps that's just me and my own personal patience level showing through. Overall the game was pretty well done, the music was decent enough and even though my patience was tried for a bit there, the game kept my interest long enough for me to want to beat it and not give up like I do with other games that aren't as interesting but are just as tough, if not more.

OctoFlash responds:

got it, thanks a lot!

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I know what it is...

It's blues. No it's rock. No it's metal. No, I was righ the first time, it's blues... maybe.

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